My Wine Voyage offers bilingual (English and French ) modular training, wine tastings and private wine tours.  In the spirit of the Life Long Learning educational process, this personalized path centers on a holistic philosophy focused on empowering the Learner. Methods to acquire and anchor their preferred wine objectives from goal-setting to dynamic practice are established before and revisited during the training.

Cognoscent of the advantages and disadvantages of deductive (rule-driven, top-down) teaching and inductive (noticing-driven, bottom-up) trainings, My Wine Voyage highlights each experience in itself  by building on positive results gained with inductive methods that reinforce Learner’s self-discovery which leads to better memory retention for the material.

The best way to describe the fundamental core of the ‘ My Wine Voyage’ philosophy can best be found in the following quote:

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn

Xun Kuang
Chinese Confucian philosopher
312-230 BC

Certainly, you have experienced a new curiosity about learning something fun and exciting! Perhaps you have had it on your mind for a while or maybe you just ‘wake up » one day, inspiration in hand. Whatever leads to your desire to learn more, rest assured its never too late and there is no right or wrong way to « plan your voyage ».  We all have different life stories, may all come from various cultures and different countries, but learning about wine brings us together profoundly.  Once we have common knowledge, directed-goals and identify our personal challenges, we are ready to start to discover wine, mindfully and successfully.




We believe that in anything one does, the awareness and motivation of the Learner over the long-term is the path to success.  With active involvement and a focus on the objective, Learners are empowered and encouraged to analyze and express themselves individually and in teams.   Experienced trainers, sometimes referred to as Facilitators, manage individuals or groups in training who come solely or together with diverse entry level skills.  Students of the classical education system remember long linear texts and route memorization, and then we certainly recall that no one remembers much of what they spent many hours studying.  Why is this?  Well certainly when a subject is imposed is might be less exciting than if it’s a personal choice with a self-proclaimed objective.  The difference in the ideas of studying and training connote a shift from passive to active as well.

With technology at our fingertips, information about wine in all its forms is readily available… the marvelous challenge then is to present the information is a logical but interesting form to retain the knowledge and use it for a more matrix-based critical analysis.

My Wine Voyage incorporates coaching, workshops and modular training as the benefits with this type of philosophy to assure that  the Learner remains the owner of their own personalized Wine Voyage!

Wine Coaching

Coaching is a great option for one or two people, to get an individualized, one-on-one wine experience to expand you wine connoisseur knowledge. And a fun time too!

Hospitality Training

Professionals in hospitality can benefit from ongoing training, to experience new wines and offer customers more knowledge and insight. Always a pleasurable experience too!

Private Tastings

Understand and appreciate wine in a group setting with our private wine tastings. Both analytical and intuitive concepts are used for an enriching and educational session for small (2-10 participants ) or large groups (11+participants) !