We are proud to offer excursions to focus on wines produced in and around Nice. Located just west of Nice, AOC Bellet established in 1941, produces quality wines in 3 color. You may choose one of the following surrounding areas known for their art, history & gastronomy:  Biot, Saint-Paul-de-Vence or Tourettes-sur-loup for your tour.

With over, 2,700 sunny days per years, 800 mm of rainfall per year, and altitudes of 250 meters benefitting from the Mistral (sea origin winds) and Tramontane (inland origin winds), the vines that produce AOC Bellet wines express this pristine nature. Naturally-occurring hydric stress on these east and southeasterly exposed vines guarantees that they find their water and nutrition on a special soil called “poudingue” in French.  Silico-limestone mixed with clay, sand and worn, rounded pebbles filter the stormy rains.  Look for varietals that you may not have heard about before!  Braquet produces formidable rosés, Folle Noire for these hearty reds, and Rolle (originally from Turkey and brought to the South of France) well known in Provence for producing aromatic whites.  Rolle is also a table grape!   Bellet is  proud of the 9 winemakers: Chateau de Crémat, Clos Saint Vincent, Domaine de Toasc, Château de Bellet, Domaine de la Source, Collet de Bovis, Domaine de Vinceline, Via Julia-Augusta and Domaine Saint Jean.

Find a  detailed description here of each winery on the ASNCAP (Association des Sommeliers Nice Côte d’Azur Provence) website.

Enjoy tasting the AOC Bellet wines and an even take a walk in the IGP vineyards in Saint Jeannet where the wine is aged in glass jars.   Mix and match from the vineyards below. Here are some suggested initeraries.  Visits to the wineries inlcude guided visits and tastings.


Times : 14h-21h (6 hours)

  1. Spizzo Winery
  2. Chateau De Bellet
  3. Le Moulin De Castagniers – Olive Oil
  4. Domaine De Toasc
  5. Dinner At “The Element” Restaurant With Panoramic Views



  1. Visit The Glassblowing Workshops At La Verrerie De Biot
  2. Lunch “Bistrot Des Verriers”, Biot
  3. Spizzo Winery
  4. Chateau De Bellet
  5. Vignoble Des Hautes Collines



  1. Visit Of The Village And The Grimaldi Castle
  2. Lunch  « Restaurant Alain Llorca » Or  « Oliveraie», Saint Paul De Vence
  3. Chateau De Bellet
  4. Chateau De Cremat
  5. Clos Saint- Vincent



  1. Visit To Florian Confiserie & Chocolaterie
  2. Lunch « Auberge De Redier – Logis De Bacchus », Colomars
  3. Chateau De Bellet
  4. Domaine De La Source
  5. Domaine Saint-Jean