Training and tasting go hand-in hand as Nancy Kerestedjian, American-born French Sommelier and certified Professional Adult Trainer, comments and accompanies the tours and tastings during your experience. Founder and Manager of My Wine Voyage, Nancy is an active member of the “Association des Sommeliers Nice Côte d’Azur Provence” (ASNCAP) and she is enthusiastic about promoting Wines in Provence.  She obtained her “Mention Complémentaire Sommellerie” after her studies at the “Ecole Hôtellerie et de Tourisme Paul Augier” in Nice and validation by The French Ministry of National Education.   Active Wine Judge for “Le Conseil Interprofessional des Vins de Provence” (CIVP), her approach to wine tastings is both analytical and intuitive

Many people absolutely love wine and enjoy it often, others just like wine from time to time and some have never or will never drink wine.  But even those people who will never drink wine may one day buy a bottle for a dinner party.  You just never know when a lot or a little wine knowledge is going to be useful.  So why not start to get “wine smart” today!

My Wine voyage has developed the  » 3T method  » – Train, Taste and Travel. Created from the perspective that learning is a progressive process and a life-long Journey, My Wine Voyage brings the ‘wine experience’ together through cognitive skills and reflex acquisition to traditional tasting paying homage to the benefit of the senses. Established learning techniques fusioned with bilingual wine training at its best with take home tools that simply require ‘owning’ the adventure and building upon it.

Wine Trainings are conducted by Certified Sommeliers, Experienced Wine Professionals and Winemakers.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down one afternoon for an organized on-site vineyard tasting. One of the tools included in the experience offered by "My Wine Voyage" was "My Wine Passport". A world of knowledge and exploration as we sipped wine led by the bilingual Facilitator and we wrote down our experiences as it pertained to each wine's profile, taste, and overall rating. I highly recommend any wine enthusiast to go through the process. It made me more appreciative of wine and opened my mind to a brand new perspective with every sip.

Jim Ha,