Enjoy a new way of wine tasting with training and tools to empower your future wine tastings and travels!



Empowering the Learner with personalized trainings at home, at a wine bistro, restaurant, wine shop or F&B professional event, we develop your wine profile together based on what you want and need.  This coaching is all about you and as such each session is different and goal oriented.  Wine tasting and food pairing is an active and enjoyable aspect of this type of accompaniment.  Ideal for 1-2 people.

Workshops & Hospitality Training

Private Wine tastings, specialized professional training and groups of 2 or more will benefit from our  modular training.

Modular Training

Understanding the Wine Making Process

From planting, harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification and ageing and bottling, learn more about that happens before the wine lands on your table.

Defining Regions and Varietals of Wine

We start by defining your wine logic and how to interchangeably switch from New World wine logic generally labeled by varietal and Old World wine logic where the wines are presented by region.  Discovering the common denominators in varietals and building your reflex knowledge.

Developing Visual, Olfactory and Gustative Senses

Through a fusion of theory and hands-on awareness techniques, awaken your senses, with a essentials and more based on your level for the savvy wine connoisseur through dynamic and creative methods.

Analyzing Labels, Bottles and Corks

Wine labels, types of bottles and corks can tell you a lot about the wine before you even open it.  We will discuss Regions, Varietals, Vintage, ABV (alcohol by volume), recognizing shapes and colors of bottles and the importance of the cork.

Mastering a Wine Tasting Event

Organizing your event, this module will encompass wine selection, the materials, the tasting notes and mid and final analysis.

Choosing Wine Accessories

There exists a vast array of accessories aimed at increasing the success of your wine experience. Here we will define the various tools available and help you find what is necessary for your own wine connection.

Creating a Wine Cellar

Understanding how wine changes and ages, selecting the correct bottles, optimum storage conditions.

Enjoying Wine by Art

“Painting in the Vineyards” will explore your creative side as we take the class to the vineyard as we sip our featured wine and create a beautiful memory to take home.

Developing an Oenotourism Project

Thinking about exploring a vineyard, a region or a country? Get a head start here and choose the season, transportation, lodging and venues to visit on your wine passport.

Selecting and Purchasing Wine

Whether it is for a simple home dinner or a very special event with guests of all wine preferences, here you will be able to navigate your way in a wine shop, super market, professional wine convention or in the Vineyard’s tasting room.

Pairing Wine and Foods

On its own or paired with food, each wine has a character of its own.  Food can influence wine so rules and reflexes can will be acquired to be ready for a variety of pairing situations.

Discovering Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Nothing tops off a special event as does ‘bubbly’.  Lovers and amateurs in this domain will appreciate reflecting, tasting and pairing. Champagne and International Sparkling Wines to host the perfect occasion.

Hospitality Training

My Wine Voyage recognizes that professionals in the Hospitality Sector can benefit from on-going training so that’s why we have developed a series of quantitative and qualitative seminars to track the wine skills as acquired, in progress or not yet acquired.

Creating a Wine List

Understanding an existing Wine List

Table Service for the Guest

Developing Your Pairing Skills

Promoting Your Wines with Flair

Private Wine Tastings

Keeping the fun in wine is as much as an art as selecting and serving it.  In this workshop, we will develop your senses – visual, olfactory and gustative when tasting wine.  Rules exist, but common sense is an underlying factory as well as personal preference.  In addition to wine service for others, you will develop your own preference tracker for empowering your vocabulary and oeno-knowledge base.

Create a wine-themed event from  fundraisers, inaugurations, family reunions.

Give back to the team with surprising but educational wine experience – in the vineyard or in the city.

Lunch and dinner parties are the epitome of sharing your culinary and pairing talents together friends, family and co-workers in a convivial setting.

We love to organize these events as well as blind tastings and food pairings for your guests who can even keep score of their evening’s wine selection.

The Modular Training is the perfect solution to varied-level Learners who are interested in acquiring foundation skill sets and would like to progress at their own rhythm to the next step on their journey. (Use the above modular training categories as listed above.)

A great gift for that special wine lover is the 2-hour wine coaching which includes two mini modular trainings of choice as well as the “My Wine Voyage” Passport in a choice of English or French.