Provence wine has been produced for over 2,600 years dating back to the ancient Greeks who founded the city of Marseille.   In the early 1920’s, federations all over France were starting to be created by key leaders concerned with the phylloxera crisis as well as other economic and ethical issues for winemakers at the time.  Propositions for laws were submitted to the Senate and in 1935 the French government established a law governing a quality coding and specifications system that is geograhpical in nature. That was the foundation of an ever-evolving « geographical identity » of wines all over France.


Thus, the notion of « terroir » is inherent in this system so getting to know the geography will greatly help you understand the wines. We are pleased to offer you the latest version of the comprehensive Provence wine map published by the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence (CIVP) that will be useful as you continue to discover these wines even after our tour is completed!   As a Sommelier focused on training, I will be sure that you intrinisically begin to grasp the concept of French terroir on our tours with practical tools to take home.


The majority of quality wines from Provence are produced and labeled under three main appellations.  In this Mediterranean climate sometimes with a slight continental influence, these three appellation are : Côtes de Provence (73.5%), Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence (16.5%) and Coteaux Varois en Provence (10%).  89% of the wines are rosés, but excellent award-winning whites and reds are produced in extremely small quantities.  Click below to consult the detailed breakdown of the Provence AOC appellations and their production by color.  Please note that other quality wines may be produced that do not figure in any of these quality categories and we will explain that to you as well!

As part of the Provence Wine Tour Collection, you may choose from a wide variety of quality wineries that we have selected representing the diversity in Provence.  Provence has much to offer wine lovers not to mention history and nature lovers visiting or living in southeast France. Over 50 wineries are included in our Provence Wine Tour Collection, from larger well-known estates to small confidential vintners who welcome us to share their story and taste their wines.  Learn some interesting technical aspects of the winemaking processes as well as gaining reflexes for identifying wines based on the “terroir logic” for French wines.  Experience the aromas and flavors of “La Cuisine Provençale” as we enjoy a provençal lunch or dinner to focus on wine and food pairing skills.  We can even organize a picnic in the vineyards for you !  Your comfort is especially important to us and our luxury, private chauffeured vehicles offer customized pick-up and drop off, unlimited Wi-Fi and space for your purchases during the excursion.  Of course, there are some goodies to take home as well after the tours!

We are all about learning ! That’s why we have created fun and innovative learning tools to improve your wine knowledge.  You will receive a personalized My Wine Voyage «  My Wine Passport  » so that you continue to enjoy your tasting skills after the tour is finished.

All our wine tours are bilingual in English and French.  We can also arrange private linguistic tour guides in your preferred language upon request at an additional charge.  Rates exclude meals and gratuities unless otherwise mentionned.   We reserve the right to make modifications on the itinerary based on availability or logistics concerning the venues with no prior notice before the tour. We also reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time if necessary. Of course, a full refund will be issued or you may choose to receive a credit voucher for a future excursion with My Wine Voyage.

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